Sugar Baby Allowance Guide You Should Read: How Much To Pay Sugar Baby

Sugar babies get paid for dating and companionship. Some think that they buy cars and mansions and some believe that all they can afford is a purse and dinners at local restaurants. Who’s right? What’s an average sugar baby salary? Find the answers in this sugar baby allowance guide.

What is a sugar baby allowance?

Generally speaking, there are two types of “sugar payments”. The first one is Pay Per Meet, a sugar allowance per day, and some SBs choose it mostly because it’s much safer to get a payment for a date instead of meeting a new guy who just promises to make the first transaction in 30 days. However, it has its cons. Even some researchers note that pay per meet is more likely to be confused with sex work, especially if you do have sex. Still, if sex is not the main and only goal, it’s can’t be considered prostitution.

Nevertheless, this is one of the reasons why many ladies and gentlemen prefer to receive an allowance. Allowance is a fixed amount that a sugar daddy pays to a sugar baby monthly.

Sugar Baby Allowance System

Most sugar dating relationships work on a pay-per-meet (PPM) or allowance basis. The difference between the two lies in the way of receiving financial support. But let’s go into both options in more detail!

Pay per meet

PPM is what a name stands for-a fixed amount of money that is paid for each individual basis. The majority of the new sugar relationships start with a PPM basis. It is also common practice which works good for rules of being a sugar daddy who likes to date different sugar babies or doesn’t have much time to meet his sugar baby regularly.

The cost of PPM varies depending on the city you are sugaring and the type of sugar baby you are arranging a meeting with. The average cost can vary from $500 to $1,000+. But for small cities, the PPM can be lower.

Monthly allowance

Allowance-based sugar relationships are common to more long-term relationships (2 months +). Having a fixed allowance provides stable income to sugar babies and at the same time allows sugar daddies to save if they want to see their sugar babies more regularly.

In a sugar relationship with allowance, a sugar baby and daddy negotiate the expectancy of meetings, their duration, and any other specific conditions. Also, sugar babies usually get perks in form of presents, lavish vacations, and staying in luxurious hotels they otherwise won’t be able to.

But it is important to emphasize that with a fixed allowance sugar baby is not expecting anything else and is ready to get just a negotiated sum.

How much allowance do sugar babies get

We mentioned that some SBs prefer to get their sugar baby payment for each date. How much do they make? Generally speaking, it depends. A sugar baby may ask for $400-600 or $200-300 (on average) depending on their looks, experience, education, manners, etc.

Okay, but how much allowance do sugar babies get? What’s the sugar baby allowance range? The average amount is $3,000 per month (that’s the average Seeking Arrangement “monthly fee” for sugar daddies). The range is $1,500-$5,000. And again, a lot depends on sugar babies and sugar daddies-only partners can decide how much one of them will pay, and how much another person will get.

Sugar baby allowance guide: how much to pay and how much to ask for?

How much to pay sugar baby? First of all, be realistic. If you want to date a top model, you’ll need to pay a lot more. If you want to date a regular SB, get ready to pay the average price.

  • If you want to save money, find sugar babies who gets fewer offers from SDs. This principle works for sugar babies, too.
  • Be honest, discuss the conditions. It’s okay to say “That’s too much, I’m going to pay a thousand less” or “ I’d prefer to pay/receive sugar baby allowance per visit”. That’s about concluding a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Keep in mind that frequency of dates matters, too. That’s an important factor to consider, as well as the type of relationship you are looking for. In most cases, the allowance works better for SBs and SDs looking for long-term sugar relationships, while pay per meet works better for those who want to meet from time to time during a month or two.

So, these were the basic rules. Simply put, you need to consider the type of relationship, the league of your partner, frequency of dates, be honest, and discuss the conditions.


Sugar baby allowance is a pretty controversial topic. It can be more or less generous, and as we have mentioned, gentlemen, as well as ladies, may prefer pay per meet just to feel safer and enjoy rare dates to the fullest. It has nothing to do with sex work anyway (if companionship and fund besides sex is involved), and both partners have the right to set and discuss the conditions.

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